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The Four Week in home training plan is best for clients looking to polish up obedience skills or dogs with minor behavioral issues that can be solved relatively quickly. It is also ideal for young puppies or to get a foot in the door with the program. The package price includes training tools, study materials, 24/7 access to my help-line,  as well as homework for you and your pup to work on during the week. 


The six Week in home training plan is best for clients looking to really focus on building   strong obedience skills or dogs needing behavioral modification. This package  includes training tools, study materials, 24/7 access to my help-line, as well as homework for you and your pup to work on during the week.


The eight Week in home training plan is best for clients looking to  really dive deep into the world of obedience  training or dogs with behavioral  issues that need extra time to work through such as reactivity, separation anxiety, or resource guarding . It is also ideal for more timid dogs who may take longer to warm up to the training program. The package price includes training tools, study materials, 24/7 access to my help-line, as well as homework for you and your pup to work on during the week.


Group classes are a great way to socialize your dog while learning basic obedience skills . For a more customized experience  group sizes will be limited to 5 dogs per class. Smaller class sizes make it so you will get a ton of one on one instruction with your trainer.  Classes will be held every Monday morning starting  the first Monday of the month with a graduation celebration on the last Tuesday of the month. Call or send me a message at (760)216-9464 for details and to reserve your spot, classes fill up quick so be sure to contact us ASAP! 

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Emma Virjee got her start  In the world of animals at a very young age when her mother gifted her horseback riding lessons at age 6. Since then her passion has grown to encompass all sorts of beings large and small. Throughout her life she  has owned everything from guinea pigs, gerbils, salamanders, frogs, fish, lobsters, aquatic crabs, ect. Her passion for dogs started when she adopted her first dog, I’m Your Huckleberry (Doc) while she was working for a horse trainer out in Vista. Doc proved to be more of a challenge than she had anticipated and she was told to train him  or get rid of him. Emma being the kind of person she is vowed to never give up on the little quirky cattle dog mix and spent all her free time researching training methods and working with her dog. The more work she did with doc the more she fell in love with training dogs and shortly after adopting him landed a position working as a trainer for PetSmart. After leaving PetSmart she decided to get a more formal education as a trainer and took on a position as a live in apprentice under a well known balanced trainer and started competing with her dog in herding for fun. After completing her apprenticeship Emma is now  thrilled to announce the opening of her own small business, EV K9. In her spare time Emma can be found riding horses, training her dog, or Hanging out with weird  and wild critters at The EcoVivarium Living Museum in Escondido CA. 


“I would like to thank Emma Virjee from EV K9  dog training. I was searching for a trainer for my rambunctious stubborn 5month old German Shepard puppy. He is absolutely adorable. Though he is going to be a very big boy. I was trying my best and obviously needed help.Then I found Emma. We made an appointment to assess my boy. Then I could decide if I wanted or needed her services. Needless to say. She is now our trainer. Her knowledge is abundant. Her skills and patience are amazing. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone seeking a trainer. You still have to do a lot of work and Emma gives you the tools and experience that you need. Emma really surprised and impressed me. When this past weekend. I was taking my baby boy on a walk. He was doing very well until two huge dogs came charging at us. We both were terrified. The worst part was I had no idea what to do to protect my pup. One dog was a long haired beast of a German Shepard. The other some kind of black Lab. The Shepard posted himself. The Lab circled us. My pup was whimpering and shaking. Had no sign of aggression. I felt helpless as I saw the owners running up the street to retrieve their dogs. Not one word was said. They just turned and walked away and believe it or not. They got loose from their owners and came charging again. I was dumbfounded. My boy was not hurt though we had to sit on the curb for about 30 minutes. To let him calm down and reassure him he was ok. Sunday morning I messaged Emma. Not expecting a response until Monday. She called instantly. First made sure Gunney was ok. Then stayed on the phone with me for quite some time with excellent advice and different techniques I could have used. I can’t say enough about how great full I was for her thoughtfulness and kindness. The knowledge she shared with me. Proved without a doubt. I had found the perfect trainer. Please if your searching for a trainer. I would absolutely give Emma a call. I can guarantee you will search no more.”- Kelly O.


Emma is a wonderful trainer. She takes the time needed to asses your dog and takes the correct approach to help them in the best way possible. She is very attentive and can help work thru many different issues. Emma is very dedicated to her work and always gives 100% to make sure you and your pet are safe and happy. - George N.


Emma is a fantastic dog trainer! We hadn’t been puppy owners for over 18 years, so when we got our puppy Ketch, we needed someone to help with puppy obedience 101 and to train us as well😊 She quickly built trust with our puppy Ketch and she made training fun for him. We highly recommend Emma! She is wonderful to work with and always spent time answering all of our many questions. Thank you Emma!- Jenine M.


I adopted a 6 month old puppy who definitely had no manners due to the fact that he had spent most of his life in the shelter before I came along. The shelter recommended that I seek obedience training for my puppy per his breed and his hyperactive personality. I spent hours reading articles or watching videos on the internet for dog training. I believed that I was able to train him on my own. I tried, I failed. I was losing hope that my pup would be able to change and be obedient. I took my dog to the vet and one of the workers referred me to Emma as she had used her for training her rambunctious puppy. I texted Emma and she responded quickly. I explained to her what I was going through with my pup and she knew exactly what we needed to work on. When Emma told me she did training at your house I immediately set the appointment as I have issues trying to get my pup in the back of my car. The training began and Emma showed me how to train my pup properly. I had plenty of questions regarding my pup’s behaviors and Emma was able to answer them all. She said I could always text her if I had more questions or needed help with the training I had learned. I have seen major changes in my pup since the first day of training. He caught on quickly. Even though I didn’t call her to teach my pup to jump in the back of the car, once I told her he hates cars, she got him trained in one day and now he doesn’t even hesitate to jump in the back of my car! Not only did she train my pup, she trained me. Emma is very knowledgeable and has an amazing personality that both my pup and I adore about her. When he sees her he gets so excited! Just as I was recommended to Emma, I would recommend anyone seeking dog training to her.-Allison

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