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My Philosophy

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

I've found that keeping my training business small benefits everyone involved... myself, my dogs, and my clients. I've worked for a few companies that play the numbers game and can make it work. More power to them, but that style of work is not for everyone. It sure as shit does not work for me.

I have always been extremely picky about who has access to my time and energy, both in my personal and professional life. Burnout in dog training is a very real thing and I have deliberately set myself up in a way that I don't allow myself to get to the point where that becomes a thing for me. That has also made it so that I can give 100% of myself to each and every client. That being said, my prices reflect that . My services are not cheap because when I take on a dog and owner I consider them part of my family.

Being able to do what you love professionally Is both incredible and exhausting. There is no such thing as breaks in entrepreneurship. I may only see a very limited number of dogs during the week But the amount of time and energy I pour into my craft and each and every dog Is insane.

When you pay for a dog trainer you're really not paying for an hour of someone's time. What you are paying for is years of blood sweat and tears in excange for very little in terms of monetary gain. You are paying for sleepless nights, dedication, passion, and an undying love for the craft. If I had a dollar for every birthday, holiday, and major family event I've skipped out on for the sake of the dogs I would be rich. That being said I wouldn't change it for the world. The highs, The lows, the peaks and valleys are all more than worth it to be able to have the opportunity to do what I love for a living.

So for all you owners out there, when a trainer tells you what they charge per lesson, take into consideration that you are not just paying for an hour or two of someone's time... you are paying for YEARS of blood sweat and tears.

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