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Holiday survival tips ( pet addition)

1. Having people over? Crate your dog or put them in the other room, it may save you a vet visit or additional training down the road. Be proactive.

2. Watch the decorations; your pets may let curiosity get the best of them and get into decorations or common seasonal plants that may be toxic, such as poinsettias.

3. Keep fido away from the dinner table; many traditional Christmas dinner foods are bad for your pup plus its hard for our well meaning relatives to not sneak pup a little morsel. This may create behavior issues down the line such as begging and counter-surfing. better to be safe than sorry!

4. Put your dog away when guests come over, Christmas can be extremely hard on our dogs with strange people coming in and out of the house, new sights and smells, drinking/ tomfoolery, and not to mention the family drama that so often comes with the holidays. All these things can take a toll on our pets and they may easily become overwhelmed and resort to snapping. The best way to prevent this is to just take the dog out of the situation and crate them or put them in a quiet room so they can relax and don’t have to navigate the social pressures that holidays bring on.

5. Don’t neglect training; I know its easy to put training on the back burner during the holiday season but its important to spend quality time with your animals still. Plus its a great way to take your mind off the holiday stresses for a bit

Lastly have a wonderful Christmas! Have fun and be safe

(Pic of my childhood dog roxy in her favorite sweater)

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