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Prong Collars... The Mildest of Training Collars?

Don’t let the “barbaric” Look of the prong collar deceive you it is actually one of the most effective And ethical tools for you to use to communicate with your dog! They are even safe for some dogs with trachea issues. Well how could that be the case when they look so gnarly? Read on to find out.

Pressure and release

Prong collars work by using something called pressure and release meaning when the leash is engaged via pulling the dog feels pressure on the collar but when the dog is in a relaxed state or there is no

Pressure on the lead and the dog gets release, this allows us to communicate to our dog what we want them to do.

Less Contact points than other training collars

The prong collar by design has less points of contact than a chain or flat collar and these points are evenly distributed around the neck thus creating a gentler more mild form of pressure than your typical check chain and unlike flat collars the prong allows handlers the ability to communicate with the dog via the application and removal of pressure as opposed to the constant uncomfortable pressure caused by flat buckle collars.

More bang for your buck

When choosing a prong collar there are a few things I like to look at, the main ones being durability, ease of use, adjustability, and quality of the prongs. I like the harm springer brand of collar personally as the prongs are very easy to take on and off, the collar is made from an extremely durable material, and the edges of the prongs are rounded off for maximum comfort.

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