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What to expect when your expecting... a puppy 🐾

It seems that breeder/puppy for sale scams are at a high right now so I’m gonna take it upon myself to give you guys a little bit of info on what to look for in a breeder and what to expect when adding a puppy to your family.

Lets start with what to look for in a REPUTABLE breeder. Look for a breeder who tests for hips, heart, elbows (O.F.A) and preferably who’s parents are registered with the AKC; most breeders will require you put down a deposit long before you get your pup, so don’t go into the process expecting to get a quality puppy immediately.

Breed selection: there are a large number of factors that go into selecting what breed of dog you should select...such as;

  • how much space do you have at home: if your living in an apartment a great dane might not be what you are looking for, something like a papillon might be closer to your breed of choice

  • Whats your Activity level (be honest) : if you are always out hiking or you’re interested in dog sports maybe an cattle dog or another high energy breed may end up being a good fit for you but if you are the type who likes to come home after work and watch tv in your boxers with a beer in hand ( lets be real who DOESN’T enjoy that #noshame) a lower energy breed might be your best bet, realistically if you are person number two you might wanna look into an adult dog as any puppy is gonna take work.

  • Trainability: again something to seriously consider is how much time are you realistically going to commit to training and find a breed that fits your training goals

First 16 weeks of life: the first few weeks; more specifically week 3-16 of a dogs life is what is known as the “critical socialization period” this period in your dogs life will play a HUGE role in shaping his personality. In order to set your dog up to be balanced,confident, and secure in the world around him it is very important that you introduce him to as many stimuli as possible in those first few weeks of life. This includes sights, sounds, textures, people, animals, and more. Basically the more things you can have them around without overwhelming them the better off they will be.

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